The company was born in the midst of Covid in March 2020. When everyone else saw crisis our founder Great Evans saw opportunity. He took his love and knowledge of football and built a great foundation for the company.

In 2021, after suffering an ACL surgery he got his brother Diop Evans on board and since then, together they have helped the company to grow to now having an established home, 4 1-1 coaches, over 80 clients, 2 elite group sessions a week, holiday camps with the council, half term football camps, and now a SEN/D alternative provision service provider for BCP council.

All our coaches are FA Qualified and are either Ex Pro, Ex Academy, Current Academy or Ex Semi-Pro players. Football is our passion and is why we are so loud and demanding in all of our sessions.


Meet The Star Player Team


Our Founder and CEO. The Best 1-2-1 Coach in the UK hands down, and he backs it up with every session he does. His passion and energy is contagious, and the children he coaches feed of it. He continually gets the best out of all of his players, and the development of the players he coaches from the first time they arrive to within 3 months and more is unbelievable.

Having been an Ex-Pro and in the Academy set up of various teams from a young age, he knows exactly what you need to become a pro and has helped multiple clients go on to sign for academies.

Diop - Coach Deo

Ex Semi Pro footballer and academy player at Brentford FC. Coach Diop started playing football at the age of 8 and has not looked back since. In his own words ‘football saved his life’ and is one of the reasons he is so passionate about the game. He loves to see players develop, and has a very nurturing and caring approach to his coaching.

Having had a serious ACL injury that kept him out of action for 3 years, he had to adapt his game from a speedy winger to a ball playing midfielder. This really influenced his coaching and can be seen in the type of technical and ball mastery drills he loves to embed in the children he works with.

Coach Diop will also be the head of our mentoring programme with the BCP Council.


Alfie currently plays for QPR U18s and has featured for their U23s and has been called up to the Wales U18 team on numerous occasions.

Dubbed as a star for the future with various big premier league clubs tracking his progress. He is one of the most humble and hardworking people you will come across. With a fantastic strike, brilliant dribbling and an eye for a killer pass, he has all the attributes to pass on to the next generation.

Zola Cardoso

An Ex Semi Pro footballer and part of various academies at a young age. Coach Zola is a football fanatic and in love with the game.

With a disciplinarian coaching style he gets the best out of his players and ensure they remain to a high standard and he demands they work hard throughout. Coach Zola is also multilingual and can speak Portuguese, French and Angolan.


Coach Samurai is one of our best and has a great knack of building relationships with players. His focus as a football coach is to developing various aspects of a footballer's skill set, including technical ability, football IQ, decision-making, and physicality.

He aims to help develop every facet of their game. He tries to instill confidence in all the players he works with whilst helping to foster a love for learning the game.

As a coach he aims to create a supportive environment where players of all levels, whether beginners or professionals, can thrive and reach their full potential.

His passion for helping young footballers succeed in the beautiful game comes from his own experience as a semi-professional footballer. He saw the flaws in his own game and aim to help those around him not make the same mistake and thrive in any scenarios.


Coach Freddie is a year in at Starplayer and has been recieving rave reviews from his clients.

He is passionate about being able to help develop the future generation of players. He enjoys being able to build relationships with the kids and being a part of their footballing journeys and seeing them develop not only as a football player, but more importantly as a person.

He is currently playing semi professionally for Virginia Water FC on loan from Slough Town football club and enjoying the experience as it goes and has had spells playing for Beaconsfield fc, Bedfont Sports and Staines Town in the past


Coach Helder is a motivated and driven sports scientist with valuable experience in professional and semi-professional environments alongside university level knowledge, specialising in psychology, biomechanics and research).

Helder Lopes comes with this and much more to aid any athlete’s career & life.


Coach Yas is a seasoned mentor with a profound focus on the fundamentals and a genuine passion for football.

With a background in academy football during his playing days and 10 years of coaching experience, Yas emphasizes mastering the basics while instiling a love for the game in his players.

His approach centres on building strong technical skills and fostering a positive enviroment for youth development ,making him a standount figure in the coaching community .


We are excited have coach jordan onboard, more informatiom to come about his background soon


Hi, Im coach Kalvin I’ve been coaching for a year now. I am originally from America and was born in Miami, Florida. I currently play for Cockfosters FC, and recently played in Sweden and Spain. I also played division one college “soccer” at Mercer University. I fell in love with developing players because my dad always trained me as a kid and I want to be able to offer that same level of dedication to young players aspiring to be footballers.

My sessions focus on building a players technical ability while playing with high intensity. I believe players need to be able to control their mind and body while working under pressure. I look forward to doing sessions with the next generation of young footballers. A fun fact about me is I’m British American. My dad is originally from London.


Coach Maadhav is an enthusiastic coach with experience from multiple academies. He has played for Brentford U18 and the Brentford B Team. His principles aim to aid the player in all areas whilst engraving principles of high standards and hard work.He was lucky enough to be involved in a range of academies and 1st team football clubs which broadens his spectrum of experience and knowledge


Youcef’s goal as a coach is to ensure that his relationship with his athletes is engaging and motivating. This allows athletes to have fun within the football game allowing progression in different aspects of the game such as decision making, technical ability, and building confidence.

Coaching for him is all about learning to be patient with your athletes and being able to stay committed at all times so that your athletes never give up and fulfil their goal to become the best athlete they can be.

His passion and knowledge for teaching young athletes comes from studying football coaching at the university of south wales and also playing football himself. He has also obtained his FAW LEVEL 1 and Level 2. With his experience and knowledge he aims to help those around him to have success and more importantly to just have the best time in the football game.

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