What we offer



At Star Player, we pride ourselves on the development of children and believe that sport is a massive key to achieving this. We have found that sport can have a great physical and psychological effect on children, can help with discipline and structure in their lives as well as help them to lead a healthier lifestyle and making better choices. Role Models and especially male figures have been big in my life and the impact that one person can have on an individual’s life is often misvalued, however we know the significance of this and so building positive healthy relationships are one of the main things we do best. 
This allows us to get the children to open and allows us to be able to get richer detail in our reporting and recommend suggestions to the local services or whoever employs us that can really make a difference in the child’s lives. We offer 1-1 sessions, where we are flexible to do a range of different sports and activities, with the main aim to build those relationships with the children and make a positive lasting impact in their life’s.
We also offer going into schools to work with children on a 1-1 basis and either working with them on site or taking them off site to do sport activities. I have worked in Tregonwell for 3 years doing off site driving as well as working on site, so working in school similar to this or children from this school would be no problem. 
We have specific forms that we will use for reporting of sessions and always aim to have good relationships with the parents or carers, to make sure sessions run smoothly and there is a shared understanding of what the sessions will be and what we will be looking to get out of the sessions.

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