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HAF Camps

We are proud to partner with Hounslow Borough and London Borough of Ealing to provide the HAF (Holiday Activities Food Programme) camps. Growing up we were recipients of free school meals, so it was of the utmost importance  for us that we were involved with this in some way.

 Our Multi-sports HAF camp are for children aged 4-17 who are in receipt of benefit related free school meals. We now currently have 4 active locations; Brentside High School (Ealing), Beavers Lodge (Cranford), Powerleague Sunbury (Feltham) and Heston Community School (Hounslow). 

Star Player HAF Camps


We also made sure we were inclusive of everyone, so if you are not eligible there are paid places available to you. We have grown from having 25 in attendance a day, to over 130 in one day in less than a year so we are excited to see how much more growth we will have going forwards. 

Star Player HAF Camps

What does MARCUS Rashford think of the HAF programme?

If your child is receiving benefit related free school meals then you can request a code from your school to sign up for our camps free of charge. We will be running three camps;  one in Ealing and two in Hounslow. Our camps are now live to be booked. If you are eligible for FSM then you will need to book via Co-Ordinate Sport (Ealing) or Holiday Activities (Hounslow). If you are not eligible for FSM but would like to attend then paid places are available and the booking links are below. 



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