Founder’s Story


Destined for greatness

Football has always been a big love for mine, and for as long as I remember what I have always wanted to do. Having been on the radar of many clubs at a young age, I eventually signed for for AFC Wimbledon, and was able to make my first team Debut. 
Football is all about character building, and after parting ways, my time in non league football really helped me to develop into the player I am today. Having spells at South Park FC, Wingate and Finchley, and Leatherhead FC   were all great challenges for me and all taught me different lessons. 
After a fantastic return of goals in non league, I was courted by many teams again, having trials for Bournemouth FC and Torquay United. I played three matches between the trials and scored in all, however an injury derailed any plans I had to be involved with these teams. 
The journey continued and I got back into Non-League football, started Star Player then Covid hit. To make things worse in early July I suffered a ACL tear and also a meniscus tear playing for Cheshunt in pre season. This was a devastating blow to my footballing career. On the 30th of October I had my meniscus surgery and 12th of January I had my Acl surgery keeping me away from football for a total of 16 months.
I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and even if you don’t understand it at the time; fast forward and it will start to make sense. I knew then; but know for sure now that God had a plan, and that plan was to get my brother Diop involved. I reached out for his help, and he was able to take over all my clients whilst still working in the days. 
Patience is a virtue and unfortunately for me the draw of football was too much to resist, so whilst still on crutches I returned to coaching and was able to source clients for diop to work with full time. 
With that I created a buzz and a hype around Starplayerltd and a name for myself as coach NEO. 
I now believe I am one of the most sort after coaches in my area based on my dedication, my passion and my God given talent. Without my injury I wouldn’t have been able to invest as much time into this and be able to have the coaches , clientele, & the name we now have . I am grateful I was able to turn my devastation of injury into a successful coaching company. 

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