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Youth Mentoring

We offer the very best mentoring in sports and physical education.
We have a tailored approach for individal child that is catered to their exact needs. As well as cater to their needs we always go the extra mile and encourage them to be more active, and learn the benefits of physical education. Mental and physical well-being is massive for us, so this is something we stress. 
We have many years of experience working with children who have left school, been expelled, have behavioural issues and those who are also SEN/D, so we are well equipped to positively impact these children’s lives. 

Head Mentor – Diop Evans

Developing people and helping them to reach their full potential in anything that they do has always been a passion of mine. During my time at Southampton Academy doing sports psychology with the kids, I came to really understand the importance of the mental side of the game as well as the benefits of health and nutrition in and outside of a sporting environment and the benefit of having mentors and coaches to help guide you. 
I have had many experiences in the last few years, all which have revolved around helping children. I enjoyed roles at schools in Dorset helping and mentoring children with challenging behaviour, as well as summer holiday camps working with children with SEN. The greatest joy for me is seeing that what you are doing is important, and really making a difference in someone’s life, so I always strive to make a great connection with the children I work with and have the aim of making a positive lasting impact. 
Football will always be the sport of my heart, and I still play competitively and coach children 1-1 aswell. My love for football encouraged me to really study and learn the importance of health, fitness and nutrition, as you need to be well rounded to be the best footballer you can be, as well as the best version of yourself. I think it is important to be active and to keep children and adults informed on the benefits of better health and nutrition not only on their physical state but also their mental state.
Health is wealth, and this is a message I aim to translate to everyone I work with, and amongst other things, help them become a happier, healthier version of themselves. 

Senior Mentor – Samurai Evans

As a Senior Mentor I have amassed 3 years of 1 to 1 experience working with children with ADHD, Autism and SEMH plans. I will offer the student a person to be able to build a relationship with as well as an open ear to listen to them and their problems or life story. I am confident that over my many years of coaching and years of teaching 1 to 1 that I gained many techniques to be able to build rapport with the children we work with. In a nutshell I am an extroverted person but know when to dial it back with children.

I want to be able to provide a stable relationship and help the children in any way possible. As I have a very good sporting background, I am also able to play, teach and coach various amounts of sports to the top level. My Sporting background can also be used to help the children we work with to use it as stress management techniques and as catharsis to help deal with the high amount of pressure that the students feel today. Also being relatively young I feel like I can relate to the children today.


Life is like football, we need GOALS.

All our coaches are FA Qualified and are either Ex Pro, Ex Academy, Current Academy or Ex Semi-Pro players. Football is our passion.

Work rate

We're not focused on player ability, as long as you're willing to give it your all every time.


Football is our passion and is why we are so loud and demanding in all of our sessions.


Our FA Qualified coaching team are here to work with you, developing player skills and mentality.


We pride ourselves on being accessible to everyone, in every training session and holiday camp.



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